Who is Seccional Brasil?

Innovation and Technology has walked along Seccional Group since 1976. The company designs metallic towers and poles for telecommunication, Lighting, Transmission and Wind Turbines.

The work has began in the city of Itajaí – SC and quickly spread nationwide making us experts in monopoles up to 60m and triangular towers up to 150m. To reach that we counted with a few specialists from Seccional Poles, a South African company that brought to Brazil the slip joint technology for towers. Ten years later, in 1986, was founded Seccional Technology and Engineering – STE, who acquired the slip joint technology rights.

Looking forward to impress the clients and to innovate, the company was noted by the Tower and Telecommunication industry. Prizes and awards are a direct result of a massive investment in research and development, resulting in dozens of patents registered inside and out of Brazil.

With the growth of telecommunication companys and Telebrás privatization in the 90s, Seccional expanded to another level, offering economy, new designs, agility and the best logistic in the market. Nowadays, the company is based in two different sites with 60.000m² each. Both situated in the city of Curitiba – Brazil and accumulating plenty of experience in tower installation across the globe.

In March of 2001, EMS Wireless do Brasil, world leader in panel antennas performance, inaugurated its new plant in Seccional Brasil facilities. The integration of these two technologies becomes the “Total Solution”.

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